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Nearly 60% of students are struggling to meet the basic skills requirements in math. Most students choose not to take electives or advanced courses that are required to continue on in a STEM-related field. In the next decade, about 80% of careers will require a deep understanding of STEM skills.


This organization’s mission is to instill higher motivation in our deaf students from deaf schools and deaf programs for STEM by providing rewards and scholarships. STEM is important because it pervades every part of our lives and our future generations. The more students understand about STEM Education, the more students will be able to make the right decisions about their education & career. The benefits of mastering skills in STEM includes, but not limited to, becoming critical thinkers and innovators, excellent problem solvers, and having stronger science literacy.


The organization’s plans are to host fundraising events and develop rewards for individuals, deaf schools, deaf programs involved in various STEM activities such as science fairs and STEM competitions. DEAF MASTERS also plans to provide resources, workshops, STEM camps, and STEM education for deaf youth.


Our ultimate vision is to become a universal center in the country for STEM competitions on state, regional, and national level for individuals and deaf schools with rewards and scholarships. With this universal center, we will be able to create STEM Deaf networks, STEM Center for Internships & Careers, STEM camps, individual and school STEM competitions for both Deaf schools and Deaf programs.

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We came together out a shared vision for supporting Deaf STEM students. We hope we can count on your support. 

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