Growing up as a Deaf chemistry student at the Wisconsin School for the Deaf, I had a hard time finding role models and opportunities among my Deaf peers. We are out there, and I want us to be able to inspire current and future generations of Deaf STEM students by showcasing each other's work and aspirations.

I started DEAF MASTERS to provide a vehicle for those working with Deaf students in STEM classes to have an opportunity to expand and incentivize out-of-classroom experimentation and learning. It is my hope to see Deaf students aspire to enter the STEM field and contribute to innovation and learning.

Alexander Matsche, Chemist & Founder of DEAF MASTERS

Board of Directors

Alexander Matsche

Founder, Chemistry & Science Entrepreneur

Jonathan Soukup

Treasurer, Venture Fund Partner

Samantha Braidi

Math Teacher, CSD – Fremont

David Oyler

Science/STEM Teacher, RMDS

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